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Triveratrol - Is this really a good medicine or just another scam to make money?

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Hi Joanne,

I have been doing some research on this product....if you are not sure about it the best thing to do is ask your pharmacist or your doctor if it is worth taking.  I have a feeling that it sounds too good to be true and I for one do not believe that we should take any medication on the off chance that it will do miracles!!

When searching on net i got some info, it about anti aging drugs and i personally Never heard of it, ask your physician he might help you

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Triveratrol Plus is an advertisement sponsored and financed by Dr. Whitaker, who is also the product's developer. It's all hype; there is nothing to support his claims that all three, in combination, can work better than any one of the three separately. Further, two cardiologists I spoke with associated it with the same hyperbole surrounding acai berry supplements. There is no miracle drug, much less herbal supplement, that can produce the results as presented.

I tried Triveratrol and am returning it. I did not feel any different and I understand that the optimum dosage of resveratrol is 200mg a day, not the 100mg found in his supplement.

I initially received an email with info on his product. The email said that his Triveratrol contains 180mg of resveratrol per daily dose which is not the case. So much for truth in advertisement.



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Notice that instead of telling you whether the email was bogus, the great AOL customer service rep simply gave you a link to a source which also doesn't answer your question. Typical AOL.