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Yes without killing them, sit on their face. They will panic and it will interupt the snoring for a long while. Go to sleep.


there is an excellent product to stop snoring permanently.It comes with money back guarantee.This is your perfect solution for how to stop snoring

You can use a simple oral device available now in the market which is known as Noiselezz. It can finally ends your question on how to stop snoring situation you experience every time you sleep. By the way, the device is also effective for those who suffer from sleep apnea.





As said before you can try no snore pillow AKA anti snoring pillows
as a start to reduce snoring if you suffer sleep position based snoring

If you have mouth breathing based snoring there is several snoring solutions for this case like chin-up strips that will help you keep your mouth shut while sleeping and eliminate snoring effectively

If you have nose breathing based snoring i think the best snoring solution for this case is SnoreZip its essentially a spray and you can get you free bottle here it will work for you if you suffer this problem

If you suffer tongue based snoring your best bet is snoring mouth piece and you can buy it from amazon for best price click here if that's your case

If you don't know what type of snoring you're suffering the good news here is that I've done the research for click here to find out there very first steps you should do to prevent - quit snoring

<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://stopsnoring-advice.com/" class="comlink">how to stop snoring</a>

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No i did not find an answer!!

Sona Snore Pillow

The main function of this pillow is to help people who are suffering from snoring and those who have mild sleep apnea. These 2 things originate from some type of a blockage in the air pathways of the person which makes breathing more difficult and creates noise (snoring). When the person is sleeping ...

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