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Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you'll ever do because both the physical and psychological aspects of nicotine addiction must be addressed. You have to go through nicotine withdrawal while dealing with the habitual site of smoking.That is why I think that often people need to try a few methods at the same time.

I had tried to quit smoking several times over the 40 years that I smoked and was never successful until this last time. I finally was able to quit last May when I tried laser therapy. I found that laser therapy helped a lot with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms so that I could concentrate on dealing with the psychological side of smoking.

If you would like to explore the different options available and find out more about laser therapy go to my website: http://www.ctlasertherapy.com and look around.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

Hi Lydia. I had tried for years to stop smoking and I'd tried almost everything, including Wellbutrin. I only found success when my doctor prescribed Chantix. You might try speaking with your family doctor to see if it can help you too. Good luck!

What comes around goes around.

Read my articles "How to Quit Smoking Instantly: My Story", at www.articlesbase.com, it explained how I quit smoking without the use of any medication. It's through my personal experience, if I've done it and so you can. Try it, you've nothing to lose but more to gain.

"Don't look at your age, but focus on what you can do for the world, share what you have to benefit mankind, you'll succeed if you'll see others you've helped reap success. Share more to earn more".

How to give up smoking is admittedly one of the MOST difficult thing to do on earth. You need plenty of will power to stop smoking coupled with the right quit smoking tools i.e products. Different products work different for different people. You need to research and find that which suits your situation and circumstances. Also try and enroll for a quit smoking program in your local areas. These are normally run by government and non-profits and offer quit smoking products for free. I think its not so much about the free products but the fact that stop smoking programs have been shown scientifically to double quit rates for most people.

Ever wonder why hypnotists do so well in traveling shows?  Because they know, if you have a drivers license, you can be hypnotized.

Remember when you first got behind a wheel and started going so fast you couldn't see the sides of the road.  Your first inclination was to slow down, but then you learned that by ignoring the sideshow around you and focusing only on the road ahead, driving was easy.

Hypnotisim is just that, soon, if you want too, you can learn to ignore the whole smoking sideshow and just keep on the smoke free road.

If you really want to quit smoking and have quit before on your own, a 1 hour session can give you the "anchor" points that let you quit smoking or start smoking again. 

A single session can let you stay smoke free for several weeks, with little or no withdrawal symptoms. 

The best way to explain it is its like a small scratch on a CD, everytime you get to the point where you think you need a smoke, the CD skips over that point and you go right back to the non-smoking song, soon you don't even realize it.

Unfortunately, it wears off, you never loose your "anchor" points, they just fade in intensity.  It takes at least semi-annual sessions to keep up the intensity. 

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Hola Lydia, Writing all the way from Buenos AIres. I just saw your Question and i decided to tell you my story. You have to ask yourself y you really want to quit. What do cigarettes really contain that is harmful. Well its not the nicotine. Nicotine is just another stimulant like caffeine. You have to worry about what in the tobacco and the smoke. I was a smoker for over ten years and i tried to quit and failed many times. Finally, like the a lot people i gave up on trying to quit. I tried the gum and the patch and even cold turkey. 

I recently found this awesome invention called electronic cigarettes. I have tried many of them and some of them are a lot of shit. Just being honest!!! But i did find the one brand that i'm going to stick with b.c i haven't had a cigarette in over six months and its not costing me a lot of money. Its actually coming out to be cheaper in the long run. Definitely check these out. http://www.PremierSmokelessCig.com

- Take away everything that reminds you of smoking.
- Take care of enough physical relaxation. Go for a walk or a ride or go swimming.
- Stop radically; it gives you the best chance of success.
- Change your eating and drinking habits. Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fresh fruit and be aware of 'pleasure drinks' like coffee, tea and alcohol.

or else you can also use stop smoking products to help you out

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