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Are spa pools unhealthy? Heat and chemicals?

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Generally I think the chemicals used in hot tub spas are pretty safe.  You do need to kill the bacteria, so of course that's a toxic situation, but the bromine and chlorine are made to be safe after a period of time (see your hot tub instructions), usually within eight hours.  And the healthy effects of soaking in hot tubs are hugely underrated. Laughing


The pool chemicals used in hot tubs, spas, and pools are safe for humans and animals when used in the proper doses. Make sure that the water is cleaned and sanitized with chlorine, algaecide, and balancing chemicals. A heated pool or spa will not hurt you when used in moderation. They are great for relieving pain in muscles and joints. Spa and pool heaters use heat from the fun, surrounding air, or a gas/propane heat source to warm the water and are completely safe.

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