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People who snore through their mouth or throat, which is most of the snorers out there have these snoring problems because something in the back of their throat is obstructing or blocking the air which the person is breathing. This could be the soft palate or the uvula or the tonsils or any enlarged tissue, especially due to increased fat deposits. Lastly, this could also be because when we sleep the tongue rolls back and partly closes the breathing passage.

So one among very simple snoring solutions to this is to use a mechanical device like an anti snoring mouthpiece (they are also called mouth guards or dental appliances) which brings the lower jaw slightly forward. This action moves the tongue also slightly forward so when it rolls back it does not block. Also, this jaw displacement creates a larger area for the air to pass so it offsets any tissue obstruction. Therefore in most cases of mouth or throat snoring this snoring solution of using an anti snoring mouthpiece is very good.

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