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How to prove sleep apnea is linked to agent orange

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What position should you sleep in?

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number of deaths due to sleep apnea.

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I want to buy calming CD's, ADHD ,sleep

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Sleep Apnea/GERD/Lungs

Yes...Some experts suggest that the back of up of stomach acid in GERD may produce spasms in the vocal cords (larynx), thereby blocking the flow of air to the lungs and causing apnea. Or, apnea itself may cause pressure changes that trigger GERD.Tyr to avoid caffeine,chocolate and controls your ...

Center for sleep medicine (auto generated) Sleep Apnea Cure

Treatment of sleep apnea is necessary to prevent major health problems. For milder cases of sleep apnea, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes such as losing weight or quitting smoking. Minor sleep apnea is responsive to self-help remedies. Some of the following self ...

Position for Sleep

What do you mean position of sleep you are referring to?