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I want to start runnig but ive never really done it before. does anyone have any tips for a beginner runner?

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Walk before you run. A brisk walk for about an hour will keep you younger and healthier that running . Walk around nature settings take time to smell the roses. LOVE & PEACE Tim Nolan

Go to my site http://www.brilliant-running-tips.com. Check out my couch to 5k training program, all the info you need to get started is there.


Best of luck

Spend the money it takes to get the best possible running shoes you can find.

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I am a runner, but there are many paths around my place. Try going to a beach, or to a park nearby and start off slow and each time you run (probably 3 times a week to start) run the same distance but try and get a bit faster. Make your distance 2-3km. This is how i got started.


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