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Are there any health risks associated with having bed bugs in your home?

Are there any health risks associated with having bed bugs in your home? I understand that, just as with any insect, they are a pest, but the media made it such a big deal that I felt like there must be some horrible affliction they are associated with.

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Whether or not bed bugs transmit human disease agents remains a real question. Lawyers representing clients bitten by bed bugs in hotel rooms often firmly state that the risk is real and warrants compensation. However, until further evidence proves otherwise, I think the best summary of current data goes something like this: "Even though bed bugs have been found naturally infected with many disease agents, they have never been proved to transmit even 1."

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The biggest concern by far is the swelling, itching and getting a rash after having been bitten by bed bugs. In severe conditions mild anemia can be experienced due to the loss of blood and iron levels falling. However, bed bugs are not known to carry diseases - unlike mosquitoes. If you have bed bugs it's best to change your sheets on a regular basis. This means only sleeping on them for a few nights at a time. In order to do this you might want to find a bed sheets clearance where you'll be able to buy multiple pairs of sheets at the lowest price.

The other common side effect of the bites of bed bugs is not a physical problem caused by the actual bites. It is a psychological reaction to the presence of the blood sucking insects. Sufferers commonly develop symptoms such as sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress. These feelings are often rooted in the fact that a bed bug infestation is so difficult to eradicate that people feel helpless and vulnerable.


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