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The FDA is blowing smoke as far as I am concerned. Regular tobacco is not approved but people can buy cigarettes. The battle although has begun and it is proving well so far in the court and Green Smoke tells the FDA that they are standing their ground about the safe use of their e-cigarettes.

I have been smoke free from tobacco for over 12 months thanks to the electronic cigarette. By the way Propylene Glycol is used in FDA approved fog machines for concerts and it is in many food like cake mix. It is obvious they are less dangerous than cigarettes if you spend ten minutes researching them.

The vapor contains propylene glycol as a prime ingredient, an organic additive typically found in food coloring and cake mixes. The vapor is a seemingly less objectionable, realistic-feeling smoking alternative.

There is no tar, smoke and ash, and the vapor of the e-cigarette does not contain the many dangerous chemicals produced through burning tobacco.

From my own experience, I recommend to buy Green Smoke electronic cigs, because they will give you a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping.

Thanks, we purchased them from SmokeStixUSA and my husband has been quite successful. I have been using it as an alternative until I finish my pack but they are lasting twice as long for the fact that I'm subbing my e-cig. I really do believe that it's much safer as there are 4,000 less chemicals...... put it this way. It can't hurt! I do love the fact that it is as close to a cigarette that one can buy! Thanks for input. Can't wait to stay in a smoke free hotel room at some point!!

Some of the newest and hottest smoking devices available now are vapor cigarettes. They emit a harmless vapor that simulates smoking by satisfying nicotine urges and cravings. You can use a vapor cigarette in any situation where there is a smoking ban…airplanes, restaurants, etc. This new smoking alternative is non-offensive and produces no second hand smoke.

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