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Hello,Im a 39 yo male and Im starting to get worried about my own mental health.Since I was a young child I have been moody,angry most of the time.As an adult I cant hold on to a job becuase I always ...

Hello Hugh. You have undergone a lot indeed. Well, in order to be able to move on from what happened in your past, you must first ACCEPT the things that had happened. Acceptance is very important in moving on. Without it, you will keep coming back to the root of your problems, to the usual attitude you have. From then on, consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. This time, consider you sessions as real. If you really want to change, be serious with it. Open up your deepest thoughts and be an active participant. In relation to your belief to God, don't lose hope... Keep on holding on to him. He will do his job in reforming you but you must also exert your effort in reforming yourself.

No one can really help you except for yourself.

I hope this helps you and good luck to you.

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