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I do not want to gain muscle like a body builder ...

I do not want to gain muscle like a body builder but I would like to get rid of the flab and make my muscles stronger. What is a good routine to be able to do this?

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When you mention that you want to make your muscles stronger you mean more fit? Because if you want to be stronger but not increase in size I do not see how this will be feasable.

Try cardio exercise to get rid of the fat.

Don't worry - you won't build muscle mass like a bodybuilder unless you use steroids.  Train three times a week, using resistance that is hard once you hit about 8-12 repetitions.  Stick with exercises that work the large muscle groups like squats, lunges, pull-ups, rows, push-ups, chest press etc.

Even using your body weight might be enough at first. 

Good luck!

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Hi Serenity,

It is very hard for women to gain muscle like a body builder, because women have do not have as much testosterone as men (men have 30 times more than women) so there is no chance of this happening, the only women you see looking like men are proffessional body builders who take male hormones.

A good way to burn flab and have stronger muscles is through resistance training, which could be circuit training or using your own body weight, also another major key is following a sustainable eating plan.

I hope this helps... if you'd like more information you can also find me www.sculptrexfitness.com

What I suggest, is to do bodyweight training like pushup, body squat, lunges, burpees, chinup if you can. These exercise will tone your muscle like nothing else with the added benefit of fat loss. Try to do these exercises at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

For more info about bodyweight training just type the words "bodyweight training program" in google to find lots of info.

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If you do not want to gain muscle like a body builder, the biggest thing is to not lift heavy weights.  Instead of doing heavy weights for less reps, you should be doing lighter weights with more reps.  Higher weight with low reps builds bulky muscle, where lower weight with higher reps builds lean muscle.

Also the types of exercises you do can mean a lot to what your body will end up looking like.  There are two programs I usually recommend that offer all kinds of exercises and diets to fit exactly what you are looking for your body to look like.  They are as follows:

For fat burning: The Fat Burning Furnace

For muscle building: No Nonsense Muscle Building

These are two great programs, actually top of the line products, and two of the best and highest rated on the internet, that will give you a great regime to follow as far as dieting and workouts.

So if you just follow the advice above about high reps with lower weights, diet properly, and do the right exercises, you can build you perfect body for you.  I hope this helps!

If you want to get stronger then focus on low reps. If you want to build muscle and gain weight then focus more in the 4-12 rep range.

Go to a gym and find a fitness insctructor that looks like you want to look.

Chances are she will know what she's talking about.

Get your diet in shape, workout 3 times weekly with weights, running, cycling or any other aerobic activity on other 3 days, take one day off.

You'll see the results fast and of course... there is also the chemical way. :)

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