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How to change the words on carbon copy paper

how to change the words on carbon copy paper

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WOW, carbon paper and carbon copies have been out with the typewriter for a long, long time.   Makes me think you are trying to change an OLD carbon copy.

Not easy to do.   In the old days you would use a special eraser to erase the error and retype it, when it would fit in ... retype it set perfectly back in same typewriter (and that was no small task .. to line it up perfectly).   Usually we accepted the carbon copy with error and got it corrected on the first page OR typed it all over again.

GOD BLESS COMPUTERS ... typewriters are antiquated, a thowback to a past long gone.  

Hopefully you are not trying to alter a will?  The carbon copies of them are generally not signed and used to probate the estate, the one signed original is used.  Its a crime to alter a will.   I am NOT suggesting you are doing that ... I am just wondering out loud why you would be needing to alter a presumbably very old carbon copy now???


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