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What do you do when a doctor refuses to treat you

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Go find another one. what else you going to do.

There are some valid reasons a physician may refuse to treat a potential patient.  A medical person with the knowledge and skills to treat an emergency may not refuse to do so if a persons life is threatened, but if it's routine care or a chronic process that is not life threatening, a physician may just feel that you and he/she don't see eye to eye on your treatment plan and may want you to seek care in a place where you can find a provider you are more compatible with.  A physician may not have expertise in the care you are looking for and may want you to seek treatment in a place that is more specific to your needs.  A physician who is in private practice may need to limit the number of uninsured, or medicaid patients he/she sees so they can stay in business and pay their staff.  If payment is an issue, there are publicly funded clinics that are required to see uninsured or medicaid patients on first come first serve, or who needs it the worst basis.

If a potential patient suffers loss of life or limb due to refusal to treat, that is a whole different thing.

If a physician refused to see me, I would go elsewhere.

If the reason is financial, such as unpaid bills, either pay up or go elsewhere.  If you are on Medicare or Medicaid, the allowed reimbursement may not be enough.

A doctor may also decide that you are more trouble than you are worth.  The doctor may think that you are not telling the truth about your health, or not complying with treatment, or just trying to get drugs.

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