I just had sex with my wife while she is in periods.

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Good for you, whoopee-doo Cool

What is truth -

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Your other questions asks if STD can be transmitted through sex if your partner is having her Menstrual cycle  .  I have posted two links below on STD for both of you to read .


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How does it feel? Yucky right? You can't wait for a proper time so that both of you will enjoy.


You can't do this to your loved wife!

Khan, you're too slow

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Why is it that if my period is late and i have sex, my period follows

that happens to me too. i think that it just has to do with your body relaxing after sex. your period might come also from the pressure inside of you. the important thing though to know, is that this is natural. just make sure you're having protected sex and you're fine.

How safe is it to have sex during period

yes, during that time there are no egg cells. because of that the possibility of getting pregnant is really thin. however, if it does not mean that you cant get pregnant. a male's sperm can stay alive inside you for more than a week. aside from that, you should also be aware of other possible ...

No Sex

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