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How much weight can you lose a week in a no carb diet

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There are 3,500 calories to 1 lb. of fat. In order to lose fat mass you must consume less calories than you burn a day. Here is an example; lets say you burn 2,000 calories a day and you cut 500 calories out of your daily consumption, which would leave you at 1,500 calories ingested per day. You'd lose 1lb of fat per week. Losing fat is always going to be the same equation no matter what gimicky diet you try. The bad news about all of these "diets" is that you are depriving your body of proper nutrition and the restrictions are so intense that pleasure is erased from the equation. When a person does this for a stretch your brain will kick in at some point with pretty intense assualt making a person feel desperate for food. Then you the weight gain begins, which leaves a person feeling bad about gaining the weight back and usually more. Next comes the yo-yo. This is where you go back on the "diet" or a different one repeating the cycle. If you repeat the cycle not only are you depriving yourself of essential nutrients, but you begin to mess with biologic systems, like your METABOLISM, which is a major no no. I'm going to give you some very sound advice. Eat proper nutrition every single day. This includes eating all the food groups in their proper portions. This will automatically get your body to it's set point weight and for life. Not only that it's the only way to achieve proper health. If you incorporate some exercise in daily, this will speed up the results and will also give you optimal health. I'm going to paste a link that is full of solid information to help you get started. http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/

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Try to measure it by weighting yourself everyday. Cool

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