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How would barack obama's health care plan affect the average tax payer?

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exactly how the Obama health care proposals will lead to a Canadian style socialized medicine -- and we explain the consequences.

* A 16% higher cancer death rate in Canada
* An eight week wait for radiation therapy for cancer patients
* 42% of Canadians die of colon cancer vs. 31% in the US
* Cutbacks in diagnostic testing
* The best meds for chemo therapy are not available
* No way out of the system; you can't even pay for services yourself

Why is health care so bad north of the border?  Because there are too few doctors to treat everybody and cost savings -- which slice medical incomes -- drive doctors out of the profession.  When Obama calls for a 21% cut in Medicare fees to physicians and a $2500 cut in health costs per capita, that is exactly the kind of downward spiral in medical care quality he will bring to the United States.   By making too few doctors cover too many patients, he will cut the quality of care to everybody.
As Obama's proposals make their way through Congress, it is vital that we all get up to speed on what is happening in Canada, so we can stop it from happening here.  It is through word of mouth that we need to spread the information to undermine public support for the changes Obama would bring.

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