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How can i relieve lower back pain?

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Hi Lydia,

I am a Personal Trainer, so I may be able to help you if you can give me more details please?

Like how long have you had this lower back pain, does the pain get worse when bending down, twisting and turning, is it constant, worse at certain times like when getting out of bed, after sitting for a while?

I could advise on certain exercises to help if it is a muscle issue, that is causing the problem.

But I might advise that you get a proper diagnosis first from your Dr. then I can really help you.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Lydia.....I just read SteveR's reply and he gave great advice.  I would only add that if the pain is traveling down your legs (one or both) of have numbness then I guarantee you have disc issues...bulging or herniated.  Without specifics it's hard to give suggestions as there are several causes for back pain and the wrong thing could hurt, not help.  An orthopedist is the best specialist to help you diagnose your problem.

Using a semi-firm mattress can help immensely. In comparison to using firm mattresses, semi-firm mattresses provide better sleep to back sufferers. It supports the upper back better but cushions your lower back and your hips so you do not wake up with lower back pains. Most of the back pains we feel are the results of using a bad mattress.



Lydia, both Steve and Cheyenne give great advice.  Without more specifics its difficult to provide appropriate recommendations.  However, for general lower back pain relief recommendations you can look into the following:

Modalities are outside agents that can help aid in the recovery from an injury. The two most common used are ice and heat. Ice will cause your blood vessels to constrict in the area you are applying the ice. That is important when a muscle group or joint is experiencing swelling. Ice should only be used on a treatment area for 10 minutes. Their are a number of commercial products for icing, but you could also use a bag of frozen peas or freeze a Dixie cup full of water and use it for an ice massage.

Heat creates the opposite effect of ice. It causes the vessels to dilate therefore allowing more blood flow to occur in the area. Heat is useful when muscles feel tight and stiff. Heat can also be used to help warm a muscle up prior to an exercise routine or event.

Correct Exercises
Correct exercises are important in maintaining your body's health and also healing from an injury. The important part is correct exercises. Know why you are performing the exercises that you are doing. Understand what are the key muscles that are involved in the movement and make sure you are using them. Perform the exercises under control, don't rush through them just to do them.

Use exercises to help strengthen the weak parts of your body. Our body requires a balance of muscle groups, so if one group or one side is overly strong, it will throw the balance off the body. When we have those discrepancies in our bodies, it usually promotes pain.

I hope this helps put you in the right direction.  Wink Martin.

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