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How long does it take a boil to stop draining. I ...

how long does it take a boil to stop draining. I had it lance 11 days ago.. the pain and swelling it gone but a yellow pus watery is still coming out a lot..

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Do you have more than one or is that the only boil? If it was properly lanced and drained, I should think it would have healed by now. I suppose it's possible that it still contains some remnant of fluid, but it could also mean that it's mildly infected. Since most of us aren't doctors (and even if we were, we couldn't diagnose you over the Internet), I think it's probably best if you call the doctor who lanced the boil originally and ask.

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Do you have a drain in it?

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Since you have already lanced it, you may have gotten it infected. Make sure the area is cleaned well and sterilized to prevent further infection. usually it takes 10 to 25 days after a boil has burst to heal. Just hang in there and practice good hygiene. 


If you're still having drainage, it wasn't drained adequately when it was lanced, but you can do it yourself since it is already opened.  Just squeeze the hell out of it, just like you'd squeeze a pimple until the core comes out, then keep it clean and dry and wash your hands and clothes well.

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