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Are there any diets which are believed to help reduce high blood pressure?

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i am a holistic practitioner in nyc. while any diet will help you lose weight it is always better to diet and excercise. one more thing you can raise metabolism by taking cinnamon and ginger in capsule form. i would start with 400 mgs per day of each. if it doesnt help you can increase to 800 mgs per day in divied doses. excercise can be as little as 2/30 minute sessions per week. after you lose weight you will have to change eating habits. low fat high carbs works for me. that kind of diet usuall stabilizes weight. good luck. be well be happy.

Eating more whole-grain foods might help lower your blood pressure and possibly reduce your need for blood pressure medication. For more information see this web site from the Mayo Clinic.

I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building. I felt better right away.

I don't know of any specific diets to change your blood pressure.  I suggest you ask to be referred to a dietitian by your doctor.  I do know that you need to cut WAY down on salt.  I use a Mortion Lite Salt product if I just have to have some salt - I can eat everything now without salt except for tomatoes, egg salad, and baked potatoes.  We have been able to cut my blood pressure medication down 4 times in the last year and a half by losing some weight and cutting out as much salt as I can tollerate.  You will get plenty of salt in your diet at restaurants and using prepared foods.  My next cut down will be to zero medication for blood pressure!  Absolutely the best of luck to you.

There are various hypertension diets which are known to reduce high blood pressure. These diets usually involve eating less salt and cholesterol laden foods. There are a set of foods that lower blood pressure. Understanding blood pressure and how it works will help ypu reduce you blood pressure naturally evem using herbal remedies. Follow this link on foods that lower blood pressure.

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