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Seriously how can a banana diet help you to lose ...

Seriously how can a banana diet help you to lose weight? I don't see how these fad diets can help because when you go back to eating a normal diet you gain the weight back anyway. What is a good well balanced diet to lose weight?

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Diets don't work.    When you want to lose weight you need to change your lifestyle.  I lost over 100 lbs all on my own. After trying most "diet plans" such as Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, SouthBeach, etc. etc. I would lose 25 or 30 bls. only to gain them back (and them some) when I stopped the program.  Diets don't work! I will let you know how I lost my weight in approximately 10 months and have maintained it for over 2 years now. First of all let me tell you, change your habits. I.E. Park your vehicle as far away from your destination as possible (observing safety concerns, of course). Walk more than you drive. If you  have a bicycle, ride it at least three times a week for approximately 30 minutes. Have a treadmill? Use it, as often as you can. Even 10 minutes twice a day every day wil add up to several miles a week! You get the idea. Now to the food part.  Reduce your calorie intake of course. This means cutting  off or lowering your intake as much as possible  of all carbohydrates and fats. You need both for a healthy diet, but in moderate amounts. Increase your protein intake and your fiber intake. For example, I would have (and still do) in a typical day, a cup of black coffee (decaf), 1 slice of whole wheat bread and 1 slice of cheese.  Mid morning, one packet of Quaker Oatmeal (with water not milk). Lunch, 1/2 can of white albacore tuna (in water)  with 1/2 tbsp. fat free  mayo, spread on 8/10 unsalted top crackers; 1 fresh fruit and 1 fat free yogurt.  Mid afternoon, 1 glass (8 oz) of orange juice (or any other non-sweetened juice) and, if you wish, have another fruit.   Dinner (Best part of the day for me) 3 oz. of grilled, broiled or baked fish (salmon preferred, lots of omega fat), chicken or steak, 1 cup of green beans, 1 cup of carrots with raisins. You could have  iced tea or just plain water. Remember to completely  forget about salt. NO SALT, NO FAT, FEW SWEETS.  Late evening: 1 cup of Jello, any flavor. Or you may want to have 4 or 5 prunes. Prunes have a lot of fiber and will help you get rid of toxins.  Remember, drink, drink, drink until you swish, lol.   I normally drink almost a gallon of water a day. (do not count juices or coffee as "liquid). Water is best.  Before beginning any diet consult with your physician to ensure you are healthy and can follow this sort of diet. You can make your own plan, substituting your favorite veggies and/juices.   Stick with this plan and I assure you will be weighing less pretty soon. Let me know how you do after a couple of weeks?  Good luck.

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