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How do trainers that tone your legs and bum work ...

how do trainers that tone your legs and bum work? i keep seeing adverts about them, and i'm tempted, but i'm skeptical as to whether they actually work!

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Running will automatically tone your legs and bum, in fact running is probably the best exercise for it. As for shoes that specifically do this, I cant see how. If your  natural running style is altered in any way by the shoe to achieve this, then I would be very wary.   Check out http://www.brilliant-running-tips.com for everything you need to know about running.

I like New Balance and Nikes.

Get shoes that are comfortable and are made by a reputable manufacturer.


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Trust your skepticism and work out smart, consistently and Make effort. NOW THAT REALLY works! That means a variety of leg work exercises including squats, calf raises , plyometric lunges etc.  This will give you awesome tone and lots of definition!


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Cross training shoes are versatile, designed as a catchall athletic shoe for a wide range of court games and mild running. They tend to be slightly heavier than regular running shoes with an extra wide base for extra support.
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Different trainers use different methods to get the muscles in the lower body working harder with each step. The way most of these shoes achieve this is by creating instabilities when you walk. Whilst only small, the body is required to activate more muscle groups, or increase the duration activity to keep the body balanced. More muscle activity means faster toning.

However since each toning technology is different, if you want to read more about it have a look at the following page: http://michifus.com/guide-to-toning-shoes-technology/



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