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Can you cure anxiety disorders?

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YES... anxiety disorders can be cured.  Look into Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short.  It's an amazing process that once learned is self-applicable and breaks down and neutralizes negative feelings and emotions that are the root causes of anxiety disorders.  I teach all my clients this wonderful technique.  There are practicioners all over who can help you.  Just google EFT and you'll get pleanty of information.  No drugs.. no side effects except positive results.  Don't wait... do it now.

Anxiety Disorder is just a name attributed to a set of symptoms.

Do you drink coffee, cola? Do you smoke?

These things can contribute to a very controversial condition known as hypoglycaemia. This in turn can lead to another controversial condition known as adrenal exhaustion.

I would bet you would feel a lot better if you make sure your blood sugar remains balanced. Deep breathing fresh clean air will also help you.

I agree with Ron that EFT can help, but i feel that this is only addressing symptoms and not the causes.

A great book I read on balancing blood sugar was 'Potatoes not prozac'. I can't remember who wrote this but I am sure you can find it no problem from the library or Amazon.




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I have had anxiety since I was 6 and at one time was severly agoraphobic for 3 years.  I read and utilized the methods in Robert Handley's book on anxiety and was up and moving in a few days.  I re-reread it twice a year. Anxiety is not cured, it is managed.

It is really hard to say that anxiety can be cured 100%.  But you can get relief from this if you take proper medication or get help in dealing with your anxieties.  Medication is not always successful because there are also side effects – and some people just don’t respond well to medications.  There are other treatments also available which can help with anxiety disorder.  Consider exercise, relaxation training, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, biofeedback, distraction techniques, and lifestyle changes. 

If you thought you were trapped in a world of fear and anxiety, there's good news: you can be free from fear quickly, safely, and easily.


Yes, you can definitely cure anxiety disorders.  There are a wide variety of treatments available for anxiety.  Although psychiatrists frequently prescribe drugs, it is my personal opinion that drugs tend to be over-prescribed here in the U.S.  As such, I tend to seek out natural remedies and treatments for anxiety.  That page that I link to discusses a number of solutions, including some that have been backed by scientific research.

As a quick overview of what I believe to be most effective, I mention cognitive approaches (ones focusing on anxious thoughts), relaxation exercises (breathing, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and others), physical touch (which includes massage, affectionate touch, dancing even), diet and nutrition, and herbal remedies (which function more like drugs but tend to be safer and have fewer side effects).

Also, it's important to emphasize that sometimes, anxiety resolves itself on its own, without treatment.

Also, anxiety often goes hand-in-hand with depression: if a person is both depressed and suffering from anxiety, treating the depression (again, which I prefer natural, drug-free methods for) will help cure the anxiety as well.

I hope you find these resources helpful!

More of my perspectives on <a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://cazort.net/" class="comlink">Alex Zorach's Opinion</a> site.

Anxiety emotions will occur if our body is in danger, it will send the signals to the body to alert about the danger, therefore anxiety can't be cured or terminate, there is only chance to reduce the anxiety disorder feelings. Anxiety moves into a disorder when a person suffers physically, emotionally or behaviorally.  

Breathing, Meditation, exercises,Jogging, Yoga Cognitive - Behavioral Therapy along with medications, Hypnosis, Massage therapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy are some of the ways to lower the anxiety.  

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