Do other people find nipple piercings sexy. i ...

Do other people find nipple piercings sexy.  i have two now and think they make me more sexy and feel great about my boobs.

anyone else think the same,

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Hi Ruth,

I'm sorry, but I don't feel the same way as you do. I think that breasts are a very beautiful part of the female body and when they have piercings, I feel it takes away from the natural beauty of them.

The only part of my anatomy that's pierced is my ears. And only the old standard one hole each, I might add.

I would never presume to tell you what to do with your body (unless I were your mother, in which case I wouldn't hesitate to tell you what I think) but I have to say that the idea of piercing nipples doesn't appeal to me in the least.

(Not to mention the fact that I have rather prominent nipples anyway - if they were to become erect more often I'd have to buy and wear nothing but baggy sweatshirts to counteract the 'headlight' effect.)

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I'm just too fragile to withstand pain.  I've gotten along very well without any, but if I were younger and more hip --maybe.

I hate nipple piercings. I love nipples and only go with small breasted women. A piercing is the ruin of a perfectly good and beautiful nipple.

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Sorry ... pierced ears only standard one hole each like JK .  I agree piercings take away from the beauty of the entire breast .  Only pierced ears for me .

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Hi all... well, for me, I have 4 piercings in one ear, 5 in the other...studs only except for the bottom one and I do have my belly button pierced...that's it though! lol  Personally I don't think nipple piercings are attractive at all and I agree that they distract from the beauty of the breast... but to each her own.

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