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What is the worst case of child abuse ever to ocur in the world?

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The largest and probably worst child abuse case ever heard in France got under way when 66 adults, including 27 women, appeared in a specially built courtroom accused of raping, sexually abusing and prostituting 45 children.

"To my knowledge, we have never seen a criminal case on this scale in France," said lawyer Pascal Rouiller.

Another lawyer said: "It is the case of all the horrors. Some victims were babies not yet walking; some perpetrators had sex with their own children and also sold them to other adults for a food parcel or a carton of cigarettes."

You can see all the disgusting details here: http://www.theage.com.au/news/World/France-braces-for-child-abuse-horror/2005/03/04/1109700679384.html

In my opinion, any case of child abuse has in one way or the other, elements of being classified as "the worst case of child abuse ever."


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Someone wrote a book about it.  It's called "The Child Called It". 

Sylvia Likens in 1965 was abused for three months until she died. Gertrude Baniszewski was the main perpetrator, burning her with cigarettes, beating her, and she even carved with a heated wire on her stomach "I'm a prostitute and proud of it." The full case, absolutely despicable, you can read about at http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/notorious_murders/young/likens/1.html. There are also many books and movies about it. And Gertrude only got twenty years, and the other people all got less than eighteen months. Disgusting.

it was Dave Pelzer who wrote the novel 'a CHild called it' it really shocked my when i read at the end that this was only the 3!!! worst case in california

Tesslynn Elizabeth O'Cull and Victoria Climbie are two of the most horrific cases I've heard of. Both suffered months of torture and abuse before their little bodies just could not take it any more.

Tesslynn was just 3 years old when she died. Her battered body was found in a shallow grave three days after her 3rd birthday. She has been beaten, burned (her genitals had almost been completely burned off with a blow torch), bound, starved and sexually abused. She had a broken back, a ruptured liver, bruises and cuts to all of her body. Her wounds had become infected so they poured neat rubbing alcohol into them. Her killer, Jesse Compton is currently on Death Row awaiting execution and her mother, Stella Kiser who allowed the abuse to happen is serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

Victoria Climbie was only eight years old when she died. Her parents had sent her to stay with her aunt who lived in the UK to give her the opportunity of a better education and life. Sadly this was not to be the case and Victoria was horrifically tortured, beaten, bound and starved. She had boiling water poured on her head and face, her fingers and toes were smashed with a hammer and ahe was left for days tied up in a freezing cold bath. Her killers Marie-Thérèse Kouao (aunt) and Carl Manning (aunt's boyfriend) are both serving life sentences.

Lets face it though, any child abuse case is the worst thing ever. It is difficult to pick one above another. With every new case where a child has suffered so terribly, one is always left feeling that this is the worst case ever.

i think the worst ones is evryone. espisally when they die becasue that mean swe're not doing our job as a sesity and helping them. but the worst one i think is called a girl in the window on google. a 7 year old girl has to wear dipers can't talk feed herself or hold anything. she's like a baby. when they found her she had lice she had coch roches all over her and other bugs. she was finallt adopted and has learned how to act like a 7 year old.it's an amazing story.

A man in England was evil to his baby stepson, and a 15 year old girl, his stepdaughter, testified that he ripped the baby's fingernails off with pliers, held his thumb angainst the baby's windpipe to see how long he could take it, he sliced off the baby's toes with a steak knife, spun him around on a office chair until he would fly off and hit his head, bit the baby and trained their pit bulls to do the same, starved him, repeatedly hit the baby in the private parts, broke his pelvis, (the baby screamed so bad that the girl had to run out to the far edge of the garden and cover her ears and go "LALALALALALALA" to be able to block it out), when he pulled his fingernails off, he would laugh and have the baby kneel in front of him and hold his hands out for more punishment, and when the baby woke them up with coughing in the night, he said, "I'll sort it out." and he punched the baby so hard in the face that he swallowed a tooth, he would starve him, leave him tightly bundled in blankets in his cot to dehydrate, and more. I am 12 years old, I want to be in Child Protection Services to preventg this when i grow up, but I don't know if I could take it. The scum in this world make me sick, and when I read this testimonial, I felt sick for days, and I feel sick writing about it. However, it is good to know, because the awful feeling you get, I realized, changes any feeling of anger you might get to any of your children, younger siblings, or any child. It will change your anger to a feeling of love, and a desire to teach them lovingly, and to nurture them with as much care and love as is possible. I have four younger siblings, including a 15-month-old baby and a four year old brother, and after reading that testimonial, I literally ran up to my baby sister's room, woke her up from her nap, and held her for an hour. It makes you so grateful for your life, your parents, and most importantly, that you can control your anger, and not become an evil monster like these people. The baby boy died a few months before his second birthday, of dehydration, starvation, and infected cuts and gashes to his head and body. He was called Baby P by those that loved him, and those that took a stand too late. A social worker even came to the house a week before he died, and she even SAW HIM! She noticed nothing, and said, "Hello, little fella!" and, bless him, the little angel, he smiled at her. He had lost the will to live, scream, cry, and even eat, but that little angel and blessing to earth smiled at her. The morning he died, the father dumped all the blood-splattered clothes in a cemetery, and ran for it. They haven't found him to this day, but I personally hope (I now this is cruel, but still) that he eityher killed himself, and that's why they can't find him, or they find him and make him suffer through all that he put Baby P through and more! Rest in Peace, Baby P. Have fun being an Angel in Heaven.

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