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I can feel my intestines periodically moving on my left side. It's been happening for 2 weeks now. There is no pain involved. Any ideas?

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Your intestines aren't moving, but it does feel that way when gas passes through the intestine, especially when there is an abnormal amount of fluid present. Do you hear any gurgling sounds or any other unusual noises assocciated with the movement? In the abscence of pain it is unlikely that you have IBS, however it could be in the early stages. Are you consuming more fluids than usual or have you changed your diet recently? I don't know how old you are or if you are female or male. In females sometimes it can be caused by abnormalities in the reproductive tract aggravating that area of the bowl. If it becomes bothersome or you start experiencing any pain, other than gas pains I would have it checked out. Other then that I think you're just feeling a little gas movement.

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I agree with annette. It sounds like gas fluttering through your intestine.

i can feel my intestines on my lower left side when i lay flat on my back....it feels hard and lumpy...is that normal? i am really small btw

For 2 months I've been feeling a sensation (without pain) of my intestines moving in my upper abdomen. I have never had this before. I've had 2 children and it feel just like a baby moving in early pregnancy, except I'm not pregnant & it's too high anyway. I'm 33 and had several bowel obstructions due to scar tissue wrapping around my small intestine. I wonder if there is a band of scar tissue connecting betw/my intestine and the abdomenal wall- therefore making the movement more pronounced because it's pulling on the abdomenal wall. It's happening so often that I'm going to have to see my surgeon for furthure advice.

By the way, the walls of your intestine do move. It's called peristalsis. The muscle in the walls of the digestive tract contract to push the digesting food thru. It starts when you swallow and continues all the way thru to the rectum. Without this movement food & gas would just sit in our digestive tract and cause alot of nausa, vomiting & bloating.

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