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How long does it take to heal a pulled muscle in between the ribs from coughing.

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Unfortunately torn muscles are notoriously painful and take a longer time to heal than other injuries because the intercostal muscles are constantly working. Hot and cold packs can be helpful in pain control, but keep them well wrapped to avoid them being uncomfortable and making you flinch (which would be a really bad thing for the torn muscles). Very, very careful and gentle stretching can help to prevent all of the surrounding muscles from going into spasm. Lying out flat on your back, lifting your arms gradually and twisting your torso side to side gently can all lessen the spasm, but they must be done gently and carefully to avoid the torn muscles getting more aggravated by the stretches. Don't rush into anything, and give yourself at least 3 weeks.

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Thanks for the advice, its killing me not to beable to run a little, now mylegs will hurt by not working them out.Just trying to cough now almost sends me to my knees.I will put ice on them, but three weeks, Wow, my other joints will hurt by not working out.Thank you for the help.

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