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Mild tortuosity of the aorta means what?

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Tabor's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary defines tortuous as, "Having many twists or turns."  The aorta is the main blood vessel that exits the heart with oxygen-rich blood to be distributed through-out the body.  It goes slightly upward to reach the top of the chest area before turning downward for the rest of its journey on a straight path to the pelvis where it divides into two large blood vessels called arterioles.  Just imagine that it resembles the letter, "J" turned upside down.  There are arterioles and arteries that branch off of the aorta all along its path and take blood to various local organs and regions of the body.  U can feel the aorta pulsing by feeling for it next to your belly-button, 2-3 centimeters to the left. 

A mild tortuosity of the aorta can mean the "J-shaped" curve at the start of the aorta which I described starts to go downward and then turns back up before turning again for the descent to the lower body.  It is also possible that there is a "C" or "S" shaped curve anywhere along the (normally straight) descending aorta.  A tortuosity may also resemble a twist like a spiral-shape (imagine a towel that you are wringing out to envision this shape).  Finally a tortuosity could mean any combination of these three problems or all 3 at once. 

Tortuosities may be a result of trauma/injury, a genetic problem, a problem during pregnancy, a developemental issue during growth from newborn to adult, or any problem that results from a disease as an adult such as arteriosclerosis.  Because the aorta supplies oxygen-rich blood to the entire body, a tortuosity can negatively affect organs and vital tissues of the body; (imagine the decrease in water flowing from a gardenhose as you bend/twist the hose - if bent or twisted too far the water shuts off completely).   

hi,my doctor told me ,I have tortuosity of the aorta also degenerative dicc disease of the spine .please tell me if its degerous.thanks god bless you.claudette

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