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Can the drink "mega Monster energy" drink cause a false positive in a urine test?

Can the drink "mega Monster energy" drink cause a false positive in a urine test?

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I have seen any number of so called "energy" drinks cause false positive drug tests.  Few disclose all the ingredients per FDA requirements.

"Monster" lists all but one ingredient: ibuprofen.  Ibup[rofen can result in a false-positive for marijuana, which requires a secondary urine sample and saliva test to pass DOT and FAA.

"Rock Star" uses acetylcholine as a stimulant but it is omitted from the label ingredients.  That can result in a false-positive for cocaine.  That also requires secondary testing.

Sufficient amounts of caffeine can result in a false-positive for methamphetamine.  That requires about 15 double-shot espressos in a 24-hour span and then insufficient water to provide proper hydration.

"Superman Power" drink uses a combination of ephedrine and epinephrine to achieve its stimulant effect.  It can present as methamphetamine.

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