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How long with 81 mg aspirin stay in body

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No one should take aspirin for more than 10 days in a row unless told to do so by a physician. Anyone with fever should not take aspirin for more than 3 days without a physician's consent. Do not to take more than the recommended daily dosage.

Age Dosage 12-14 years 648 mg q 4 hr,

 11-12 years 486 mg q 4 hr ,9-10 years 405 mg q 4 hr ,6-8 years 324 mg q 4 hr, 4-5 years 243 mg q 4 hr, 2-3 years 162 mg q 4 hr


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If you are under a Dr's care and HE/SHE has perscribed low dose baby asprin(81mg) for cardio reasons then you take it as long as he reccomends(I have been on it since I had a RCA HA in Jan 08) I will most likely be on it for the rest of my life. You (no one) should be taking any form of asprin on their own accord, only with a Drs supervison and consent.IMHO

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The question was how long does Aspirin stay in the body.  The half-life (i.e. amt of time it takes to excrete half of the dose) is 6-20 hours, depending on your liver function.  The small 81 mg dose is effective because it "hangs" around, does it's good deed and has minimal side effects of larger doses.

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its recommended to stop aspirin two weeks befor lipsuction, what are the risk of having the surgery after taking aspirin 7 days before

Platelets last approximately 120 days. The 81mg daily dose of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) produces the acetyl radical which the coats the new daily batch of platelets which prevents platelet aggregation (clots). This dose is less than the dose that causes gastric irritation so the dose is designed to prevent blood clots in the cardiac arteries while not causing aspirin side effects. Not sure why 81mg not 80?

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