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What the best thing to eat to go to the bathroom i have not gone in 4 days last week it was 5 days should i seek medical attention?

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eat lots of fruits , drink lots of water, prune juice or applejuice

eat lots of fruits , drink lots of water, prune juice or applejuice

eat lots of fruits , drink lots of water, prune juice or applejuice

If you have not been able to urinate AND have not had a bowel movement, then I suggest you seek medical attention.

If you are able to urinate but just have not had a bowel movement and you do not feel constipated, then I wouldn't worry about it.

There is no need to have a bowel movement every day (being 'regular' is a misnomer); your body will produce waste and excrete it when there is enough in your system. Forcing the issue will do more harm than good.

If you feel that you need to have a bowel movement, but cannot, you can take natural laxatives (prune juice). As the above poster said, consuming lots of fresh fruit is good; as is making sure to have plenty of liquids (water is best).

You may also consider using an OTC stool softener, but that may not be necessary if you follow the advice you've been given and allow your body and nature to work as they're meant to do.

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Hi Mary! I usually tell my clients that if they haven't had a bowel movement after two days that they should do something to get everything moving. The first would be to increase water. It is recommended that you drink 6-8 glasses of water in addition to whatever else you are drinking. There are usually foods that help to get everything going. For some its baked beans, cauliflower, broccoli, apples or applesauce or apple juice, prunes or prune juice. For many people rice and cheese tend to constipate people. I would also suggest the addition of something like benefiber, miralax, citrucel or metamucil. All of these can be mixed with juice. If you take the latter two, drink the glass down quickly and then for all of them, take an additional glass of water. This is how these work. Senna is also good. Again, drink an additional glass of water. There is also an herbal tea called Smooth Move which many people swear by. You can also use a suppository--biscodyl. Another suggestion is Magnesium Citrate. This was originally used to clean out the bowels. The clear or lemon-lime flavor tastes the best. It also helps if you refrigerate it and pour it over ice. Another option is a fleets enema or fleets bowel prep for really subborn constipation issues. If none of this works within a day, see a doctor. You may be what is called impacted. When its this bad, the medical staff have to go and manually disimpact you. It is not pleasant. If you are not urinating, this is another issue altogether. It means that your kidneys are not working properly and can be considered a medical emergency. In which case, go to the ER.

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A bowl full of bran flakes, will definately make you go to the loo. There are also plenty of tablets from the chemists that you can also buy!

Trying eating plenty of green vegetables and drink juices and lots of water.

in a bowl put some sunkist dried prunes(4-5) & some sunkist sweet dried raisins. enjoy....you'll go to the bathroom...



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