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What happens with your legs are hard and swollen and clear fluid leaks out of your pores?

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I would say you really have an over abundance of salt in your system. Too much salt causes you to retain fluid, and it swells your legs. Have you been eating a lot of salty foods lately? That happened to me once. I ate too much salt water taffy, and my legs swelled like balloons. There really is salt in salt water taffy. They hurt like crazy just to touch them with a finger. My doctor told me it was salt. Get thee to a doctor, and sooner, not later, to get the correct diagnosis. You will probably need a diuretic to start getting the water out. Plan to have swollen legs for about 3 weeks, until most of the salt is gone. Lots of luck to you dear.

Rose Red

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You are doing what is called "third spacing". This means that water is pooling in your legs. It can also pool in your abdomen, causing your pants to become tight, in your lungs and around your heart. There are many reasons for it. Sometimes elevating your legs higher than your heart can help get the fluid to move from your legs. What will happen because fluid is coming out of your legs, is that you will develop what is called stasis ulcers. You need a diuretic such as Lasix to get rid of the water. It may be that your kidneys are not working properly, your heart is not working properly or as Rose Red suggested, you have too much or too little sodium. Because you have let the problem get somewhat out of hand, you need to see a doctor sooner than later. If you start having issues with shortness of breath, call 911. Good luck!

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what if you can't take lasix? i have side effects with that. my legs are swollen & short of breath  what is this???  i quit smoking and all this happened. please help  thanks  

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