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What health problem can come from drinking 4 to 8 cans of 211 steel reserve beer everyday?

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First of all, you're consuming a lot of empty calories.  Not to mention the health risks (liver, pancreas, mental deterioration, etc) - the medical community agrees that one or two alcoholic drinks per day is plenty - more than that is excessive. 

Please consider seriously cutting back.  Alcoholism, should it develop, is tough~ not only on you, but on anyone who loves you.  You may not be an alcoholic at this time, but if you continue...you are certainly risking it.

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Well, if you're drinking that much beer on a daily basis, I'd say the health effects would be alcoholism and all that brings with it.

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Yes,  alcoholism can lead  to Liver disease, Gall bladder disease, Pancreas disease

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