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effect of k2 on schizophrenia - I need to know ...


effect of k2 on schizophrenia - I need to know what the effects of this are with schizophrenia - bp sells this - my son is in a dual diagnosis facility and bp is within walking distance - they all know they sell this there and buy it - i'm concerned - i've reported this to bp and will be contacting our local news stattion on mon regarding this - what else can i do

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this is a worthless avenue for answers

k2 and schizophrenia doesnt mix.  However there is another kind of that synthetic pot that is a little better it is called blue dragon.  I have had schizophrenia for over a year now and it really gets me down seeing my friends abusing alcohol and smoking pot, while these things can be very bad for a schizophrenic and cause relapse.  I may not agree with smoking k2 and having schizophrenia, but it is much better then a schizophrenic drinking.

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