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Instaflex-Is there any problem for a diabetic on insulin??? High blood pressure???

instaflex-Is there any problem for a diabetic on insulin???   High blood pressure???

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I have diabetes and require insulin so I was interested in your question. I checked various web sites that had to do with Instaflex and did not find any information about what goes in to this product. Do you know? If I have any question about what goes into to a product, I don't buy it, I don't care what the manufacture claims.

I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building. I felt better right away.

You can find the ingredients in Instaflex here - http://www.instaflex.com/products.

My father has diabetes and has been taking Instaflex for 4 months and has seen no side effects.

I am 73years old woman. I tried Instaflex; just for a week i could not finish the bottle because i started having issues like pimples in my skin all over my body, head, neck, ... any joint i have pimples coming out (m knees, my elbow, my back ...) i can't sleep of the pain even my blood-pressure raised so high reached 18. Please any solutions you may suggest. I went to 4 doctors each one presciped a different medication ... i desperate for your help! thank you

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