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I drink 5/6 cans of monster a day...What effect if any does this have on my kidneys?

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Most energy drinks are full of caffeine which is definitely BAD for your health including your kidneys if taken in large quantities (over 2 drinks a day), your weight and your nerves (jitteness, insomnia, etc). Drink more water instead and eat a well-balanced diet, then you don't need these energy drinks.


I cannot give you exacts, but huge serious side effects occur from most of the ingredients of those so called energy drinks including Crashes wich is what makes you drink more and more troughout the day.  for a mush more natural source of energy, consider changing your eating habits to a more healthy diet.  Often tiredness and lack of energy comes from eating the wrong foods in the wrong combinations.  check out this site for a better way to eat that will naturally increase your energy with fewer health risks. http://www.greattastenopain.com/cmdt.asp?id=849605

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