If a condom bursts during sex and u immediately stop and withdraw, what are the chances of contracting HIV

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Not really sure...if it was 2% or 20% probability of contracting, you could still have contracted it.  It's not as if someone only gets the partial hiv. 

The best would be to go get tested, and try not to worry about it.  It's out of your area of knowledge or reaction until you get the test results. 

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Get tested if you are worried. I think you are OK but better to be safe than sorry. Once you're tested then make sure you know who you are having sex with. Getting tested will put your mind at ease

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If you're married, why are you using condoms? Why not birth control? I hate condoms. I'd be terribly unhappy if I were to get married and had to wear the damned things. For me, they take every bit of enjoyment out of sex.

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