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For the first time, I availed myself of the holy water in an old church I was visiting. I have to say, it tasted absolutely foul and gave me severe diarrhea for 3-days. Can I sue the church and claim ...

Bonestructure, unless you have been diving into atheist pits of vice and have an immune system compromised with AIDS, Herpes, and Chalmydia, then any microbes in that font will not survive two seconds in your gut.

The sheer guilt of an unrepentant atheist, still trying to push that ridiculous cult on people who know better, would weaken his immune system as badly as AIDS.  Maybe that is why atheists come down with such wretched health:

After all, the surly bird gets the germ!

Our dwindling supply of leftists feel particularly morose, depressed, and hopeless around Christmas. That is all their fault. They feel it acutely because guilt will never leave them alone -- and will be their sole companion for eternity.
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Anonymous Comment

Rocmike in the last 13 hours you have posted under your aliases Bill 5 hours, Dr. Kelly 4 hours, Harley Spirit, 2 hours, Anselmox 3 hours and still posting. You also had posts with Fletcher and anonymous. All posting exactly the same and repeating the same crap over and over and using the word Atheist. Rocmike You need help not to mention a life.

Bonestructure Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Not Rocmike. This person has the mistaken impression that I'm an athiest. Rocmike knew I most definitely was not.

Anonymous Comment

As dumb as Rocmike is he can stay in character with it's aliases. Read the posts of this idiot they are all exactly the same. Everyone sees it. Rocmike and American patriot are the same poster.


Reply to Anselmogxl3rq:
It's holy water. Not magic water.
It's symbolic. Not mystical.
Unless you're a vampire, It has will have no actual affect on you.
Unless you drink it. And that not a mystical reaction.

It's a physiological reaction from drinking gross stinky water from an unwashed canteen.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike started the latest 14 hour posting marathon with its alias Harley Spirit making a few posts. Followed by Tweek 2 hours, Ladydarko 2hours, Top Renner 7 hours, Bill 3 hours, Melvin 1 hour. All 1 after the other and never over lapping. Ladydarko has fit this pattern before. This is 2 days in a row it fit in with the Rocmike posting pattern. All repeating the same crap. It would be impossible for this moron to post everyday 13 to 15 hours if it didn't. As usual it had some anonymous posts sprinkled in there.

Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Helpful:

The surly bird gets the germ?  Amen, Anselmo.  I have yet to find a healthy atheist.  It isn't just because of the unclean places these people go or the unsanirary things these people do.  Agitation weakens their immune systems to be sure but there was never a cause for atheist agitation.  That is a vice they wallow in and it is all their fault.


The cause of atheists' remarkably poor health is the utter confusion and constant agitation that atheists cause themselves.  Atheists have always played the nastiest games in the list of sheer wanton depravity, and they know how wretched they can make life on other people.  The thing is, atheists maltreat everyone regardless that they are atheists, Christians, Jews, or anything else.


Atheists have always been the dirtiest of bigots.  There is no truth in them, and they are terrified that someone will discover their actual character.


It was never a secret.  Atheists play disagreeable games because they want to be disagreeable.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike how many aliases do you need to repeat the same thing over and over? Do you ever read the insanity that is in your post? These are not the thoughts of a sane person but everyone knows that. The Rrocmike aliases that have posted recently Humble, Lady Aban, Bob Suffolk, Top Renner, Anonymous, Anselm, Joyce Peller and dfrogpong.

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