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can i connect my headphones to the audio out on my television ? if not how can i connect them without connecting to headphone jack.

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Yes you can connect headphones to a TV.  We have ones which are wireless but the base is connected to the TV and my husband watches TV in bed with them, while i am asleep.

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For basic headphones, the answer is no. The 2 jacks on your tv are line level jacks meant for a stereo or type of amplifier or VCR. The output on those jacks are too low to be heard on your headphones. You can either put headphones with an amplifier (available at Radio Shack) or buy a unit like mentioned below that have cordless headphones that connect to your TV through a base station.

Yes you can.  For a few dollars at Radio Shack, you can buy an "RCA Jack (red and white) to headphone jack" adaptor.  Plug the red and white jacks into the "audio out" jack on your television, and plug your headphones into the other end of the jack.  If your television has "variable audio out," this means that when you adjust the volume on your tv, you are also adjusting the volume level coming through the "audio out" jack.  If it's "fixed audio out,"  you'll probably need a headphone amp with it's own volume amplification and control.

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