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Potato for headache

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After some research on this it does seem that people believe that making a poultice or applying a raw potato to your forehead and temples will make the headache go away. All of them suggest that you lay down for an hour  when you use this method.

I say save the potato, throw it in the oven and take a short nap while it is baking. When you get up, the potato will be done your headache will be gone then you can enjoy the potato loaded with butter, sour cream and maybe a little cheddar cheese.

I think I will try to get a headache now to see if it works Smile

Good luck and best wishes. 

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a poultice or raw potato? that is what i was doing wrong, i was using mashed potatos'

I am your worst nightmare. An intelligent smart arse.

Intelligent?? Do you mean more Intelligence then  a worm?

Why did you even bother to answer..

lighten up and enjoy a good laugh once in awhile, it will help the headaches go away. tiptopmanagers answer was great so i had nothing serious to add, just trying to lighten up someones daySmile

laughter has been proven to help one improve their health and longevity of life

I am your worst nightmare. An intelligent smart arse.

For my intelligent wormy friend the riddler. 

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When we behold a wide, turf-covered expanse, we should remember that its smoothness, on which so much of its beauty depends, is mainly due to all the inequalities having been slowly levelled by worms. It is a marvellous reflection that the whole of the superficial mould over any such expanse has passed, and will again pass, every few years through the bodies of worms. The plough is one of the most ancient and most valuable of man's inventions; but long before he existed the land was in fact regularly ploughed, and still continues to be thus ploughed by earth-worms. It may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world, as have these lowly organized creatures.

Monumental Worms (a Poem)

Stupendous work, he'd show them how, he'd scrutinise and dig all fields,
he'd cast about in curious circles

He stood inside Stonehenge's rings and wondered, could these mighty stones
be moved by puny agencies?

How slight and primitive they were, what mechanisms gave such power
that they accomplished startling feats.

He saw them struggle though the dirt, manoeuvring the earth within
their strange concentric circles.

He weighed their curly towers of waste, calculated how their casts
had slowly covered Roman ruins .

He saw them hook their mouths on leaves, prefer the cherry over lime,
assess the shape and grasp the point,

then haul them into burrows. Does choosing show intelligence?
He'd quizzed all aspects of their lives.

Worms deaf to whistle and bassoon, when stood in pots on Emma's piano
responded to vibrating notes.

No eyes, yet they retreat in light, except when sexual passion wrapped
their senses in oblivion.

Stonehenge, that day, no time to muse on mental qualities of worms,
he measured slow subsiding stones.

Small tunnelings for countless years might undermine a monolith.
Do wormy burrows tip the balance-

topple stones that reach for heaven, those monstrous heavy monuments
to human awe and aspiration?

Designs long sunk in mysteries still echoed in the modern air.
When faint with heat on Salisbury plain

did Darwin think it won't be long before he'd lie, a fallen stone,
a work for churchyard worms ?

He thought the village carpenter would frame a simple box for him,
and he'd repose among the worms

deep in the soil where he had lived. Do monumental worms reside
beneath Westminster Abbey's tomb?

Emma shunned the final pomp, she said I'm closer to him here.
She'd wander on her lonely way,

through the garden of
Down House

in her faded cotton dress
along the paths her husband walked

as he wondered at the worms, as he tunnelled for the truth
as he came to his conclusions -

Those feeble worm's intestines have phenomenal capacity
to shift the ground with fluid power

Across the epochs worms have ploughed and fertilised the soil
long bef
ore the sons of Adam toiled.

Darwin, like a lover, unwrapped the gorgeous robes of Gaia, gazed
upon her marvellous supple skin,

revealed the way it's finely moulded and continually renewed -
through the guts of endless

                        *  *  *

Anne Bryan    



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A potato poultice is a warm compress made with "mashed" potato that is used to relieve congestion and inflammation and heal skin. It's used traditionally for conditions such as arthritis and eczema.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Chop two unpeeled potatoes into 1 inch cubes.
  2. Boil the potato cubes. "Mash them".
  3. Spread the potatoes onto a thick gauze or cheesecloth. Add another sheet of gauze or cheesecloth or fold it over.
  4. Test the temperature with your hand, making sure it's not too hot.
  5. Apply the poultice to the affected area. Wrap it with a dry cloth or towel and hold it in place with string or bandage.
  6. Remove the poultice once it is cold.

What You Need:

  • Potatoes
  • 2 pieces of cheesecloth or gauze
  • Towel
  • String or bandages
I am your worst nightmare. An intelligent smart arse.

Among other home remedies, GrannyMed recommends binding a sliced, peeled potato to the forehead as a cure for headache.

According to the book, Superstitions: 10,000 You Really Need (by William Carroll), "Headache can be cured by carrying a potato in your pocket until it withers."

Here are some more ways to cure or prevent headache:

Do any of these home remedies work? Some say yes. Personally, I do not know. 

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