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Headaches in ALL family members

What are possible causes of headaches that are occuring in ALL family members?  My husband and I are both in our 40's and our daughters are 17 and 7.  All of us have been experencing almost daily headaches the last few months.  We moved to PA alittle over a year ago and live in a 100 yr old house, are there any enviormental concerns we should look into?  Also, I'm not sure that it's relivant but we had to put a dog to sleep in Sept 08 with cancer and my 17 yr old was diag in Jan 09 with cancer (Hemangiopericytoma) also.

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The first thing to check is your home environment. We use more toxins in one day than our great grandparents came in contact with in their entire lifetimes. There could be one major cause or several things that are working to cause these symptoms. And that is what a headache is; a symptom of a more serious problem.

If you have excess mold and/or mildew in your bathroom or kitchen, you could be experiencing an adverse reaction to those toxins. There are over 8,000 different fungi that can live in the human body and, while some are necessary, most are actually toxic to us and can cause varying symptoms ranging from headaches to digestive problems; reduced immune system capacity to outright illnesses up to and including cancer.

Check your environment first, then check your diet. If at all possible, eliminate wheat products because they cause inflamation (or swelling) in the body - some people are more prone to it than others; and there is no pain without inflamation of some kind.

Also, check out the following web site: www.knowthecause.com.  I am not in any way connected to this site but have learned quite a bit about why I have experienced several health challenges from this man.  I hope this helps.

Thanks for the link, will do some research into it.  I checked our satelite and we get the show so will watch it tomorrow.  I was updating the question when you replied, didn't think it was relivant at first, but cancer is something else that has popped up twice in our house in the last 5mths

Carbon Monoxide poisoning  can produce headache especially if the emmissions are at a low level.  High Radon levels are the 6th leading cause of cancer death and the 2nd leading cause after tobacco use of lung cancer death. 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki.org/wiki/Carbon-Monoxide-Poisoning for more information including symptoms 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radon for morei nformation about Radon 

You should have your home checked for both of these since all family members are experiencing symptoms.  Both can and does cause DEATH.  This is a very serious matter.  Act at once.  ---  C1

have you checked for carbon monoxide?

there could be a slow leak some where.

so you live close to electric towers or a dump site?

do you have well water? i would have it tested.

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