I havent had my period in 3 months...

I havent had my period in 3 months and Im getting concerened. I keep having physical pains down in that region and yet no sign of any spotting, blood. One time at work I almost fainted due to hot flashes and cold flashes at once going through the pain and cramping. Im scared that it might be a cyst, tubal pregnancy or even some kind of cancer. I checked with planned parent hood and I took 5 pregnnacy tests showing I was not pregnant. Could anyone help me out?

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The home pregnancy tests are reliable (specially when the answer is "possitive") however if you want to be 100% sure better take a simple blood test. 
You need to find out why is your period 3 month late (unless your cycle is typically very irregular).  Since there are several possible reasons, better consult with the proffesionals.  Please don't neglect it (as in many other cases the sooner you know why the better it is).  Don't worry right now, it can be "nothing" (and let's hope that's the case !).
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It's unlikely that it's a tubal pregnancy - those usually show up as low (or normal) positive pregnancy tests.

How old are you? What was your cycle like before? Have you seen a doctor and gone for hormonal testing, including FSH?

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You should probably go see a doctor.

I think Rachel is right, tubal pregnancy would have shown positive in the pregnancy test, and would have probably started bleeding earlier than three months.

I hope it's nothing to be too concerned about, but it's better that you have an appointment to look things over. 

You have to go to another doc. Other than the ones at planned parenthood.

Are you usually irregular?

If you think you may be pregnant, take a blood test rather than a urine test. Some women dont show they are pregnant through their urine. And also, take a pap test.

I was supposed to get my period on wednesday 1/23 it is now 1/27 and i went through all of the cramps, bloating, hungry , tired crabby...but never bled still nothing not even brown...what does this mean?

hey just so you know the blood od pee tests are not 100% accuert.If u have any outher syptoms like sick to your belly, sleepiness,food cravings, breast tenderness, hard belly, more sesitive to smell ,u may be prego. I was haveing some issiues as well i took 5 pee tests 4 pos and one neg.I went to health deparment to get one there it was neg then I got one at the hospitial this was a blood test so as i was waiting for the result I was thinking now i will know for sure, NOT.It was neg the doc said i must of misscarried I was so depressed i cryied all night feel asleep crying then when i woke up i cryed all day.well I was and still am expericing all the above syptoms and more so I went and I made them check for a heart beat and there wasn't one but two now i am 5 mts with twins I am so happy sometimes u got to do what u know is best. good luck.



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