Haven't seen Chaplain John lately Any 1 know what ...

Haven't seen Chaplain John lately
Any 1 know what happened 2 him?
Heard he was N plane crash, hurt bad.
Tadpole still rages w/ racism against him.

Hope CJ is still w/us.
Always a comfort & peace.
AOLA won't B the same w/o him.
Hope he's just on vacation.

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I once followed his posts regularly, then they came with greater and greater infrenquency.  People slip away quietly and their families do not follow up their personal dicta. 

One of the few I have ever seen was Paul Jenner.  His family followed his path on Yedda a reasobable time and then when our resident rectum made her unwelcome appearance, his family left.

People come and go, Stressed.  The wisest among us will leave a vacuum as they depart.


Have you checked your medical benefits since Obamacare?

Rocmike aka Stressed aka Dr. Kelly look in the mirror and you will find him. It is another one of your aliases.

 Rocmike don't tell me you are now going to pretend one of your aliases has died. Maybe you can have it blogging from its death bed.

In the last 14 hours we started off with Rocmike's aliases Renner with a couple posts followed by  The Actual Paul Wittenberg 3 hours, Bob Suffolk 6 hours, Rick Barnett 2 hours, Stressed 2 hours and Dr. Kelly 1 hour and still posting. We also had Rocmike's anonymous thrown in there. All repeating the same thing over and over and using the word Atheist. This happens every single day. Rocmike is in serious need of mental help and a life.

He died and is living in eternal torment in hell. Serves him right.

When I saw a post about a chaplain getting injured I had to see what was going on.  Chaplains bring people back from the brink and do it with good sense. 

I can understand why atheists are so bitter: they trained themselves to live a lie and can't improve, so hate from an atheist means the man he hated was a very good man.

Our resident racist nut job seems to think everyone is Rock Mike, but if that were true then he is the greatest Rennaissance Man on the planet hence the most valuable man on the planet.

Terrorists are cowards, and anyone who really makes a mark to the good on society will make these worthless idiots dangerous.  That is why James Earl Ray murdered Martin Luther King. 

King was a humanitarian, and Ray was an atheist, so that made Ray really paranoid that his cause was losing.  After all, atheists are also the nastiest of lying racists.

It begins to look like the nut job and the atheist are the same deranged person.

What happened to that $15.7 trillion dollars of OUR tax money, Obama?

Chaplain John is not in the Rocmike "rotation" anymore. When a guy has 85 screen names, sometimes he has to thin out the flock. So occasionally he kills off an alias in a nuclear power plant explosion or some similar tragedy so his other aliases can all post about what a great guy he was. And right on cue we have the Rick Barnett alias popping in to remind us what a great guy Rocmike is.

I used to love seeing Chaplain John post his wisdom.  He was truly a saint, and that sent our atheists wild with hate because he always proved them wrong.  There is nothing any meaner or angrier than an atheist who has to deal with the truth.  You are right about James Earl Ray being an atheist.  Atheists think violence and evil will solve everything.

I hope Chaplain John is still with us too.  I don't want to hear that he passed on.  That would be a terrible loss for us all.


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