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Find the zeros of the function

F(x) = x^3 3x^2 - 28x What is the maximum of turning points?
  Posted 4 hours ago .


Serious question for the Rocmike Stalker

Fact is everyone on this board knows you're the turd herder and poster. You can deny it all you want but the facts are the facts. Let me ask you this question no matter how nasty ...
  Posted 2 hours ago .


Sell your house fast

Greatest colour to paint a home to sell your house fast ?
  Posted 9 days ago .


What is a section-703 IRA?

what is a section-703 IRA?
  Posted 8 months ago .


B. Duggan artist

I'm looking for more works by an artist named B. Duggan. The one we have is a desert scene. Any information on where to find this person's art would be appreciated
  Posted 6 years ago .