What happens If I don't pay Rent-A-Center

I am renting a computer from Rent-A-Center and I'm using it for school.  Like every college student I am broke and I can no long pay the $35 a week.  But the problem is I still need the computer for school.  My question is what will Rent-A-Center do?  I don't care about my credit, my credit is ruined already.  I heard they send repo men, but I can just not answer my door, they can't break in right?  Can the sue me?  And if so for what?  I have no money, property, or even a job.  So what will happen?

Thanks for the help.

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Like anything, if you can't pay for it then it's not yours.  If you wanted a computer from WalMart and didn't have all of the money to pay WalMart, would you steal it from them?  Probably not.  Call Rent-A-Center, ask to speak to the manager.  S/he should be able to offer you some options (i.e., a cheaper computer, the opportunity to return and rerent with payment protection, or an early purchase option to avoid making further payments.  Communication with the store will help you come closest to achieving your desired results, however, avoiding your committments could soon translate into stealing.

Heres what you could try. Call the police and report the computer stolen so that way you have something on file, a police report then Call rent a center and tell them that someone broke into your place and stole it. If they try to offer you another computer just be honest and tell them you dont have any money. They shouldnt make you pay for a computer if they think someone stole it from you. Also if you do that it would be wise to leave the computer at a friends house for a week or two that way when you call the police they wont come over and find it and also if rent a center tries to get a search warrant for your house. So leave the computer at a friends house hidden for a week or two then you should be in the clear.

There is a clause in the contract when u "rent to own" that says if the property is stolen or damaged while in ur possession it is still your responsibility and thus you will still have to pay for it.  If u cant pay for it or choose not to they can come reposess the item and once they get it back it is no longer ur problem.  They cant put it on ur credit as long as they get the item back.  If they DONT get the item back they will call the SHIT out of every reference u put down when u signed the contract with them, and you, and send repo men.  And they will be RELENTLESS.  If you move into a different place and change ur phone number & simply neglect to tell them u wont be bothered by them anymore, but they will put it against ur credit and they will still call every one of ur references CONSTANTLY for a very very very long and very very very annoying time.  So just hope that none of ur references will give in and tell them ur new address or number.  Those are ur only options...and no they cant break into ur apartment or whatever to take back the computer, but i dont know if they can get the cops to come with them in order to search anyways.  I am not really sure what happens if u stay at the same address.  Hope that helps.

You sound pretty white trash and it's losers like you who can't follow through on obligations and the try and steal property that causes our world to suck as bad as it is.  Did you ever stop and realize that you're only screwing yourself over worse.  With good credit you could get an excellent computer from Best Buy with zero percent financing for 2 years and monthly payments of $50 A MONTH instead of $35 per week.  However, because your idea is to just not pay them anymore and steal the computer, it's a never ending cycle.  You complain about not being able to pay them, however if you would take care of your financial obligations you wouln't be in the situation of not being able to purchase things at a "regular"store and having to purchase them for ridiculous costs at a rent-a-center.  Get a life.  My advice.  If you're so broke you can't afford $35 a week, you need to take a semester off of school and make some money and clean up your credit report.  Now days with almost all companies doing credit checks before hiring you, it's pointless to work so hard to get a good degree, when you will be turned down for almost every job due to horrible credit and outstanding debts to places like "rent a center." 

If you have a police report stating it was stolen. Oh well....its yours. Or do nothing and they will charge it off in a few months. They can only sue you for what it is actually worth. The depreciation of the thing probably is a low amount.  You have 2 choices, but personally they mess over so many people, that they deserve whatever they get. I have heard of them breaking in peoples homes. sincerely Tom Lopez

This company wants 8x the amount that they paid for it themselves or more. The depreciation value is most likely not much. If they sue you, it can only be for the actual value of the machine. Again (not worth much).  This company has the highest amount of APU(average price per unit) than any other RTO company. They are truly a trashy company. I would not worry about them, they screw their customers over daily, and smile all the way to the bank. Tom LOPEZ

If you tell them just 1 time to stop calling or coming by, and they continue, they are in contempt for harrassment. If they call the references after being told not to call back, they can be sued for harrassment. They truly do not have one leg to stand on. Their account managers are people that can not get a job doing anything else. TRASHY COMPANY. T. LOPEZ

NO CREDIT necessary. There is no credit check up front. So, my man, If they do turn a charge off to a credit bureau, GUESS WHAT? It can be removed easy as saying TAKE IT OFF!

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