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What happens if a window breaks in a skyscrapper

What happens if a window breaks in a skyscrapper

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Skyscraper windows are very strong, but they can be broken.  They would use those lifts for window washers to put a new pane in place.

Would you be standing underneath that window?

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Anyone or any thing in the pathway between the window glass and its final destination will be damaged/injured/killed.

International Building Code requires that all glass-encased structures have their panels accessible from the inside of the building for replacement.  Usually there is a frame, the panel is set on silicone adhesive, the panels are all of a standard configuration, and maintenance workers can do all the work from inside.

IBC also requires that exterior glass panels be shatter resistant, that if broken that the shards will be trapped by ledges along the way, and that the panels be tempered glass which breaks into chunks about a quarter inch by a quarter inch.

Since 9-11-2001, glass panels must pass a specific thickness/size table, and must be sandwich glass (much like that of an automotive windshield).


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