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What happened to tagged.coms chat rooms?

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Chat rooms enterance

Those cheap bastards at AOL have pulled the free chats. They want you to pay for desktop 9.6 to continue getting access to the chats that used to be free. And, it's a total ripoff. AOL used to be king. What a sad demise. Goodbye AOL. Maybe we can find chats elsewhere. Sorry to see them go.

How do I set up a automatic greeting for my chat room

Hi Jon: Unfortunately, the feature you are requesting is not available.

The chat room is not loading in the slots lounge. Also, not loading is my

A couple of days ago I received a notification from AOL that all of my AOL 'features were not available. AOL added these 'features' I did not have on my computer. I signed on to the Slots Louge and lo and behold the chat room loaded! Thank you AOL staffers!

Gay chat rooms in denver

The best gay phone chat room in denver is www.flaregay.com . But it is for guys only, not for women.