What happened to the lew magram catalog?

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Lew Magram--the best catalog with the most stylish runway fashion-- merged with a company called Fashion Specialist in late 2009.  Needless to say, the fashion, style, taste, and clientele are far from the same.   Lew Magram has been described as "Featuring the hottest trends for each season, there's always something 'New at Lew.' Sexy apparel assortments come with maximum attitude. From denim capri sets to executive skirtsuits, Lew's fashionable ladies are attuned to current contemporary styles..."

The company retained its phone numbers (1-800-624-7267 and 1-800-964-1955), and the employees still greet callers with "Welcome to Lew Magram" or "Thanks for calling Lew Magram" when you call, but that is all there is left of the once giant Lew Magram.  For a breakdown of Lew Magram's customers' demographics, please visit  


(I will keep and cherish my last Lew Magram catalog forever as a souvenir in memory of the death of a fashion icon.)

Answer provided by Frances Ohanenye (Educator/fashionista poet)

Hi, I'm shocked but not really! I was the art director @Lew Magram & left in 2002, aprox 2yrs after it was aquired by Arizona Mail Order co. The new co. moved us out of NYC (fashion ctr) to Greenwich, Ct.- Lew Magram passed away many yrs ago & company was run by his wonderful son Erv Magram. Within wks after that aquisition they let him go along w/many other original employees. Moral sank & the once family run fashion company changed due to financial woes & became dictated by a corporation.  I've not been in touch for yrs w/anyone there but u might try researching Arizona Mail Order Co. & see if they too were sold as a consolidation. Best wishes to all Cool oh how I miss NYC now living in California

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