What happened to Faith Tabernacle and Pastor Al Smith in Chicago?

in 1994-95 I attended Faith Tabernacle Church at Broadway and Grace in Chicago and was part of their outreach ministry.  Now that I'm writing about my experiences and have lost contact with this church, I'd appreciate a way to contact any present member who has knowledge of history of this church since 1995 to present.

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I was at Faith Tabernacle in 1971 -- for a few years.  I can't remember the pastor's name, but they had a number of guest speakers who were reknown.  For example, Nora Lamb who escaped from communist China and had a number of miracles in her deliverance -- Here are two: she was brought before a firing squad, but not a bullet touched her.  She was enabled to carry an unborn child for a year before giving birth.  My roommate, a backslider and a heavy smoker, was delivered from nicotine just by hearing her one night as she spoke on the opium addiction in China.  She was very anointed.

Another great speaker was Richard Wurmbrandt -- a very well-known man of God with many miracles in his life.  He is also an author -- One of his books is "Tortured for Christ."  And another was Derek Prince -- at the time he was foremost in his teaching on deliverance from the power of Satan.  All of these men and women of God were instrumental in giving me a sound foundation.  I appreciate Faith Tabernacle's bringing these people to speak.

 I've also been looking for Pastor Smith for a few years now.  After Pastor Smith left Faith Tabernacle in the early 90’s, he started a new church, City Church, not too far from Faith Tabernacle.  I followed him there but he also left the church a few years later.  At that time, I left the church as well and lost touch with him ever since.  Just this morning, I googled Pastor Smith again and found a video posting of a message he delivered at the Calvary Lighthouse Church in Rochelle, IL (14409 Hemstock Road; Lead Pastor: Jim Horvath) in August 2010.  You can view it at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9231845.  I just called the church and found out that Pastor Smith moved to the area recently and has connected with Pastor Horvath.  Because he is now retired, Pastor Smith volunteers at the church and occasionally preaches.  The church's TEL# is 815-562-7701.

I also remember Faith Tabernacle, but from an earlier time. I was just telling my wife about the New Year's prayer meetings they held in their lesser sanctuary - where we literally prayed in the new year, on our knees. My father attended Faith Tab. back in the '60's & 70's, and brought me along. I sat under the teaching of Ern. Baxter, Derek Prince and knew Al Smith personally when he first started at Faith Tab. There were also some great guest speakers and regular guests speakers too. That era is not complete without mentioning Jesus People USA who lived in the lesser sanctuary for a couple of years. Back then every week there was a 24 hour prayer chain, that was never broken. They also had a radio show that always said "Faith Tabernacle - where Grace meets Broadway".

Hello to all and God Bless, my name is Peter Castro and I attended Faith Tabernacle in the mid 80s to early 90s I was singing at a church where Pastor Smith was visiting as he does with so many churches in the Chicagoland area, I was 10 years old when I got saved at Faith Tabernacle and always wanted to be a part of the music ministry, as the years went on I travel the world doing free concerts in all of Latin America and have videos on YouTube, it was always my dream to be connected to Pastor Smith because of Faith Tabernacle. Well since then Pastor Smith and I have partnered and now minister together in the City of Chicago in many wonderful churches, Pastor Smith is doing well and continues to reach out the the lost and brings a powerful message to church in these days and for this time, my email is peter131368@gmail.com Have a blessed day...

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