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What happened to Chrissy O'Keith from you're cut off?

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Chrissy was a waste of time - she will never change she is self absorbed and not even that attractive.  She was ugly inside and out and that is a shame.  She was KICKED off and I don't blame Laura a bit.  

I hope she crawled back under the rock she came from.She was rude,self absorbed,and a total waste of time I pity the fool who puts a $ 300,000 ring on that chicks finger,she needs a room with padded walls not a husband I hope her Grandmother prays for that.

Any guy who is going to marry her( very unlikely me thinks) after watching her would be stupid do so without an iron clad prenup as a black women who was raised by parents who worked hard in order to provide the lifestyle I have it was very embarrassing to watch such a typical streotype. It's true you can not buy class, style or elegance regardless of how much money you have or in Chrissy's case mooch of other people.

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