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Whitney Houston is dead at 48 years old. The superstar singer and actress's publicist, Kristin Foster, broke the news of Houston's passing to the AP . She was found and pronounced dead at the ...

What happened to Whitney is what happens to the very rich, the very poor, black, white, smart, average, good looking, not so good looking. 

DRUGS is what happened to Whitney. And people will continue to use drugs.  And more will die that never make headlines.  And more will die that make headlines, but people will continue to use them.  So sad. 

I will remember her songs, but mostly I will remember a beautiful lady who ruined herself with the use of drugs. 


"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"
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Drug abuse is one of the most ancient problems of the human race.  We go back to ancient Mesopotamian tablets and find that drug abuse was a major problem then as well.


We should rememebr that medicine is meant to keep us alive, not be part of "recreation."

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